the Nosework Game Lab for Dogs in Seoul

” More Sniff, More Relief “

‘NOSEWORK’ is the most important activity of dogs who communicate and interact with the world through their Nose.
Dogs who use a sense of smell often have higher self-esteem, feeling of happiness and lower anxiety.
And SNiFFiz designs toys which can make dogs sniff for a long time, make dog’s life Happier with you.

SmellyMatty’s Design Points

  •  Super Large Red Rose Snuffle Mat Body that holds many places to hide with 5 Challenging Snack Toys
  •  Too many Pockets and place to hide – Apparently not easy, but makes your Puppy Seek longer and Keep Busy
  • Ergonomic food Pocket Design for all various mouth shapes
    (Flat, Long, Small, Medium and Large mouth)
  • Able to set the level of the game thanks to Modular design
    (Each Toy needs different approaches to get rewards!)
  • Anti Slip bottom and Lip with bars to prevent Flapping with the high lip for messy eaters
  • Superior Fabric (Very Machine Washable)
    – Body: Soft & Fuzzy Pola Fleece
    – Toys: Sturdy & Durable Oxford

Just hide kibbles & treats in the puzzles

Let’em Sniff & Track till fully satisfied.

The Longest Play Time

Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Ever


Size : 32inch (diameter)
Weight : 3.5 lb
Fabric Materials : Pola Fleece, Oxford Fabric

Components (12pcs for one package)

Smelly Matty Body (Red Rose) with toys below

Ball Pocket

Adjustable lid Treat 3inch Ball


Puzzle board

Wallet, Locking Bone


4 Lip Filling bars (Black)

All Orders, For Free Shipping
to all Dogs over the World!


  • (Important)Please refer to the INSTRUCTION in the product. There are “How To Use” and “Tips” for our precious customer!
  • This toy is not for chewing


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